Why Pre-Selling Condos are trending

Why Pre-selling condos are trending_featured iamge

Ever wonder why there are condos being built here and there? Most especially in places where there are developing urban centers and commercial centers. Condos have become a popular choice for investors and people who just want the most convenient living spaces. Condos offer a wide range of amenities and benefits, but to truly get the most out of it, consider investing in pre-selling condos.


What are Pre-selling Condos?

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Pre-selling is common nowadays and you may have encountered it while searching for a good investment in real estate. 


These pre-selling condos are properties offered and sold by its developer at the earliest stage of development. In other words, the unit has not been built yet or is currently under construction. It also helps developers to finance the construction and give investors an opportunity to purchase these units at very affordable prices.


What are the benefits in buying Pre-selling Condos?


  • They have lower introductory prices.Why Pre-Selling Condos are trending image 3


Since the condos are still under construction, they are offered at the lowest prices. Most investors, especially OFW’s take advantage of these because some of these condos are as low as Php.8,000+ per month in amortization.


  • Flexible payment options.Why Pre-Selling Condos are trending image 4


In order to attract more investors, developers offer a range of payment options from in-house financing to bank loans. A discounted downpayment price may also come with the unit.


  • You can choose your desired unit.

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Want a unit with the best view? How about a unit closer to the amenities which includes a pool, gym, or a children’s play area?  When buying a pre-selling condo, you will have the edge when choosing your most favored unit before anyone else can. Not only that, but you can choose your floor plan and may even be able to customize it. 


  • Great Profitability.

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Buying pre-selling condos almost always guarantees capital growth. Once the unit and property has been fully built, investors can earn a profit by selling the unit with the actual completed value which is way higher compared to the purchase price. There is also the option of renting it out after completion for a more stable source of income. 


Investing in pre-selling condos is like any other business venture, so having a reputable and accredited luxury condominium broker on your team would most likely give you an edge in selecting the best properties.