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As the capital of the country, Manila is considered as the convergence point for a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and financial concerns. It is home to many educational, cultural, and economic centers and institutions, with many organizations, business groups and public and private entities headquartered in the city. As a consequence, the city attracts a large influx of people seeking employment to improve their fortunes. On the flipside, this leads to an increase in demand for housing.

In the past, real estate development firms focused on building up residential community projects to meet the demand. However, with land and space becoming a definite premium in Manila, firms are turning to more sustainable alternatives. In recent years, these firms have turned to high rises, condominiums, and other vertical developments to deliver.

With so many real estate developers offering RFO and pre-selling condo residences these days, it can be hard to take your pick. You’ll need a trusted brand with years of experience in the market, who understands what buyers need when looking for condominiums in Manila. You need The Harold Team SMDC Condos.

The Harold Team SMDC Condos is one of the leading residential condominium firms when it comes to RFO and pre-selling condominiums in Manila. We help clients throughout the search and purchasing process, assisting them with whatever questions they may have, as well as recommending options and units that are best suited to their preferences. We believe our experience in handling a variety of clients can get you through with your condo purchases.

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