About the Harold Team SMDC Condos

About Harold Team

For over 10 years, Harold and his team have been successfully fulfilling the needs of their clients. They have been able to get local and international clients alongside OFWs, to invest in one of the top industries in the Philippines i.e. SMDC (SM Development Corporation) Condominiums. Harold`s team are proud of their transparency with clients on which condos to purchase either for personal use or for rentals. Their specialization in SMDC Condominiums have earned them with reputation that goes unsurpassed by other teams based in Manila.

They are proud of their process on how they help clients own their condos from start to finish, without any hassle or confusion. SMDC the “Home of the Good Guys”, have retained their passion building and selling prime properties in the Philippines, at the best value that many can afford. Harold’s Team alongside SMDC have been able to keep up the standards set by the corporation.

The team have seamlessly been able to keep up the prestige of SMDC and its properties. Keeping clients needs first, they are able to guide them to greener pastures and fruitful ventures.

Contact Harold and his diligent team to take care of your journey in owning first class property built by SMDC. Start your journey today with The Good Guys.