Luxury Properties 8M & Above

SMDC Condo Projects
Units within the price range of Php 8 Million – Above

Luxury RFO and Pre-Selling Condos at Php 8M and Above from The Harold Team SMDC Condos

In today’s ever-changing environment, condominium living is becoming a go-to alternative for people looking for their own place to call home. Everywhere you look, a highrise development is underway, offering a unique living experience to prospective buyers. From regular residential apartments to opulent suites, there’s a condo unit for every prospective homeowner.

The properties listed below are offered in the Php 8M-and-above price range. These properties represent the highest level of high rise posh living, with some of the most sought-after features to date. Offerings include penthouse suite-like location options, ample living space with lots of options for expansion and customization, optional amenities, and other perks that are exclusive to high-end condo unit owners.

High-end executive condos used to be the domain of more well-off individuals. These days, however, you can own your own exclusive high rise residential condo with the help of The Harold Team SMDC Condos. The team is dedicated to helping regular Filipino homeowners to get their dream RFO condo unit by guiding and advising buyers throughout the purchasing process. They offer assistance when it comes to payment schemes, location selection, negotiations and more. With the Harold Team SMDC Condos, you can get your own 8M high-end RFO or pre-selling condo without the fuss.

Let The Harold Team SMDC Condo assist you as you purchase an 8M high rise residential condo. Get in touch today!