Luxury Condos at 3M – 5M from Harold Team SMDC Condos

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Units within the price range of Php 3 Million – Php 5 Million

Urban Living Condos for Php 3 Million to Php 5 Million — Harold Team SMDC Condos

The Philippine residential condominium scene is a fast-growing segment of today’s real estate markets. Individual home buyers and growing families are now actively considering RFO and pre-selling condos as a viable long-term alternative to traditional options like detached single-family houses or larger mansion developments. If you happen to be on the lookout for a condo unit to own for yourself or your family, Harold Team SMDC Condos has just the right properties for you.

Listed below are the latest luxury condominium properties available in the Php 3M to 5M price range. These RFO and pre-selling luxury condos are a step up from the standard residential condo units, with improved amenities and greater living space, fit for growing families. These fancy residential units are situated in choice locales throughout the country, with direct access to a host of public utilities, educational facilities, commercial and religious centers, and business districts.

Find any residential condominium unit here to your location and would like to learn more about how to purchase it? Curious about purchasing RFO and pre-selling condos from outside your locale? Have additional questions about our condos in this price range? Get in touch with The Harold Team SMDC Condos today and let’s discuss your concerns.